(This may be more of an OS X question but I'm hoping someone here will

know the answer...)

We've been using NFA on our NW6 server successfully to connect from a

new Imac (with OS X 10.1). But after I upgraded the Mac to Jaguar (OS
10.2), I can connect to the server and volume successfully and mount
but if I double-click on the desktop icon for the volume, I get the
above message. Same if I try to expand it in the various views of
Finder. The odd thing is that in one particular application (Fuji
FinePix Viewer) the NW6 volume IS visible and accessible, but nowhere

else (that I have found). Any suggestions?

One detail that may or may not have any bearing: When I did the Jaguar

upgrade, the NW6 volume was mounted at the time. Now it almost acts as

if OS X made the volume part of the installation and it's in use, or something... Also, I know very little about Macs... TIA - JR