Hi all,

I have a couple servers in a test environment running NW6SP1.

I have installed NFAP on both servers and designated them to be part
of a
domain. This is a W2k domain running without WINS. I have specifed
the DC
by name and also by IP address (it is on the same segment as my NW6

I have configured my user's domain password to be the same as their

At first, I was able to access the first server through My Network
with no problems. I then configured WebAccess and NetStorage on that
box as
well as configuring the second NW6 box which is also running NetMail
After getting everything working though WebAccess, I again tried to
the NW6 boxes through My Network Places. Now, although I can see both

servers within my domain, I cannot access either one.

Does anyone have any help tips on how to begin troubleshooting NFAP
I'm not exactly sure what I should check.

I checked my CIFS.cfg file in SYS:\ETC and everything looks good in

Where do I go from here?


Darren Toews
Technical Support Specialist
Red River College
F114a - 2055 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
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