For those of you out there who would rather administer your Netware
from Apple's Mac OS X, I've managed to get Novell's Java-based remote
console "RConsoleJ" running on Mac OS X. I've only tested it on
10.2.2-10.2.4 but it should run on any version that supports Java

I tested RConsoleJ OS X against my Netware 6 and 5.1 servers with
results. You can download a Disk image w/ readme from the following
URL. The
package is about 5.5MB.

For those of you interested in running ConsoleOne on Mac OS X... I
succeeded in getting it to run, load snapins, etc. but without the
of an underlying client it is not of much use. I'm going to take a
look at
the Linux/Unix versions to see if they are more client-independent.

Jeff Sessler
Assistant Director of Technical Services
Scripps College
Claremont CA.