Novell has got to be kidding me. A little over a year ago I embarked
testing NFAP, I decided to pan it until NW6 was more solid hoping theinstall 'out of the box' would be cleaner than all the hoop jumping
patching I did under NW5.1 for testing.

I've installed NW6 with SP2, choosing NFAP and NMAS (and everything
else) as part of the base install.

I can't configure my user because I need NICI 1.5.7 client on my
workstation, which I can not find under current files patches and
fixes. I finally found a copy of 2.0.2 on the NW 6 client cd minted
2001 and installed that. Fine...I no longer get errors when I load
console one.

But I still have no tab for 'simple login' so I can't set up my mac

The novell "upgrading to netware 6" book from the course is the simply mentions you need the nici client on the workstation
administer simple passwords.

Is it so very much to ask that the install program put EVERYTHING we
might need on the server when we install the products, and that
packs include the current updates, and that documentation be specificabout the steps necessary? Yeesh.

So I guess the question I have is, how do I set the simple password
it is not an option?