First let me state I am not sure if this is the right forum, it just
the reason for posting the problem started with trying to resolve
name resolution problems so I thought I would starte here.

Here is the situation:

Netware 6 SP2 with TCP 6.04.15 October 30, 2002 post sp2 update.

Have two network cards installed in the server and IP bound to these
each with their own individual IP address.

For the sake of this discussion is the ip address of the first NIC that we want to with
only. is the ip address of the second NIC that we want to use
CIFS only.

Used Server Paramaters in Monitor to set:

NCP Exclude IP Addresses
NCP Include IP Addresses

I have also used Counsel One and ensured that CIFS is only running on
the IP address

Also have separate DNS entries which reslove to which resolve from
DNS names.

For the sake of this discussion:

NWSERVER resolves to
W_NWSERVER resolves to

Typing NCP Addresses at the server console shows:

Known NCP Network Service Addresses (Network Order):

(Notice this is not showing as running ncp

However, if start up my Windows 2000 PC (running NWC 483 SP1 and the
Provider First in the Advance Setting on the Local Area Network), do a
logon to the workstation and type the following in Start Menu/RUN.


I am presented with a Netware Client login dialog.


If I do a netstat on my workstation I see


If NCP isn't running on (aka W_NWSERVER) how is this

- Al