I'm running NW6/SP2 and NFAP. I have *every* patch installed since
SP2 was
released including wsock6, afp101q, afplic2 and NW6NSS2D. I'm working
on a
OS.X box which is also up-to-date with patches as of today. I'm
getting two
errors when I'm copying files to the NFAP server. They are...

1. Cannot copy because the name is too long or includes characters
the disk
can't display.

HUH? What's up with this? The filenames and paths look fine to me.
am I missing?

2. The operation cannot be completed because the item "blahblah" is

Okay, I can reboot the OS X box, remote the NFA share and I STILL
delete it. And no...there are *no* other users accessing this folder.
can replicate this over and over again. I can go to my XP computer
delete it instantly. I found TID 10068531 which talks about load
with the count option but that is with a older version of afptcp. The
version loads it by default. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...