If I boot up the server without IPX bound, then I have the following problems that I have noticed:

(1)Mac users cannot login even though AFPTCP is loaded. The following

appears in the AFPTCP log: "Tue Feb 25 20:19:29 2003
: Thread ID = 459, InitAuthentication: RegOpenKeyEx 'Appliance' failed

1073741838 <4000000e>"

(2)My backup software cannot authenticate. Currently I use Arcserve
but when I tested out tapeware I had the same issue.

(3)A less important issue is that Apache SSL admin services will fail
load giving some authentication SSL error.

There may be more, but the above is what I notice before turning IPX back on. They all work with IPX on; and in addition I can go into
inetcfg and unbind IPX and reinitialize the system and everything will

still work . . . until I reboot with IPX unbound.

I first noticed this issue a couple weeks after I had the server up
running at NetWare 6, it began after a NICI upgrade and/or SP1