I have had similar issues. Encrypted authentication is working now, though I am not exactly sure why. The most recent patch we have had applied was edir862sp3, which you may want to try. Have you tried
setting the simple passwords manually?


Dirk wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've experienced something quite strange :
> We're seeing problems with mac users and simple password

> using encrypted authentication. Using the cleartext option,

> works fine.
> So we just installed a standalone NW6 SP2 server out of the box,

> AFPTCP and tried to map a volume from one mac. Works fine.
> Next step was to upgrade NICISDI to 242.98 (SP2 comes with v2.01).

> ran sdidiag and revoked / regenerated the key and got a new key with

> bit, whereas the key from the initial installation was a 56 bit key.

> After upgrading the key to 168 bit, the encrypted authentication

> Any ideas ? Is MAC OS 9.2 not capable of triple DES encryption ?
> Is there a patch on the MAC side ?
> Any hints are welcome...
> /cu
> Dirk