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DsDr9.15927$CX6.313088@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com, "Jeffrey D
<jeff@scrippscollege.edu> wrote:

> This was entered as a defect.
> Jeff
>>> I've confirmed that the time restriction behavior of AFPTCP.nlm is

>>> inconsistent when compared to both the PC NCP client i.e. Netware

> and
>>> the old AppleTalk based Novell/Prosoft AFP.nlm. While the PC

client and
>>> AppleTalk based AFP.nlm disconnect a user approximately six

> after
>>> the start of the time restriction, AFPTCP.nlm does not.
>>> I've sent an email detailing the issue to the AFPTCP development

> and
>>> I'll let you know what I find out.

Has there been any progress on this issue? As the school year has
progressed, the ability to have an account go inactive AND BE LOGGED
OFF by
the system has become more important. An account on a Mac can be
from logging on by time, but if the account is active and the time
elapses, the system does not log them off.


John Endahl, District Network Administrator
Williamston Community Schools

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