i have a problem with my Mac Users and NFAP on a NW6sp2 Cluster and
afp101q. I can setup them up without a problem, but after a while (1
2 days) they can not login to server. I give them a new password and sometimes it works then again. With nmaslog i get these entries for a

failed login:

1: Create NMAS Session
1: RemoteCheckIfLocalUser checking USER.CONTEXT.
1: ERROR: -601 RemoteCheckIfLocalUser failed.
1: NCPCheckIfLocalUser failed -601
1: Client Session Destroy Request
1: Destroy NMAS Session
1: Aborted Session Destroyed (with MAF)

Because they can also not change the password i was thinking that this

is a NICI Problem, but there is no error message that confirm that.

Right now i set them up with the cleartext option where i have no