My problem is this. I want to use CIFS in production (for a couple
hundred users). I've been testing it in production with 4-5 people
about 3 months. It has abended the server twice (CIFS.NLM) in those 3


The problem is, the server has to be rebooted to get cifs back up and

running (not good). So if the cifs.nlm abends the server in the
of the day, then all of the cifs users are screwed until I am able to

bounce the server (not good).

I was wondering was there a way to load CIFS in protected memory
so I won't have to inconvenience my "client32" users if CIFS breaks. I

want to use it, but I can't trust it right now.

I am using CIFS.NLM v1.20 dated 10/21/02

Thanks Guys