Just starting to get NFA loaded on a NW 6 SP2 test server here and
running into a roadblock with Network Browser not seing my NFA AFP
server. Have done extensive looking on both Novell TIDs and this board

but still stuck.
NW 6.0 sp2
NDS 10320.29
AFPTCP.nlm 1.01.17
SLP is set up with scope name of SACSSCOPE
Have verified that SLP is working on Win 2000 PCs by doing slpinfo
/all. Correct SLP info shows up.
In NDS when I do a Display SLP Services on my DA server
I get
so I assume that is set up correctly.
Can Do:
Am able to log into server using Mac 0S 9.x-10.2 by defining server
IP. Loaded AFPTCP cleartext and that part is working.
Can not do:
Using Network Browser I can not get the AFP server to show up
Stuff I have done:
Set up in DHCP options 78 and 79 for DA server and Scope info.
Set up in Network Browser on Mac a Network called "SACSSCOPE"
On the 9.x Mac (This is the *very* strange part) if I check the
Network Neighborhood info (Mac Help->SLP->USB Printing
Sharing->Network Neighborhood) is *shows* "SACSSCOPE".
I have connected the test Mac to the same switch that the test AFP
server is on thinking it may be a multicast routing issue (To the best

of my knowledge we do not have multicast routing enabled)

This is driving me nuts! :->
What am I missing? Any thoughts?

John Humphrey
Novell CNA