We installed clustering on 2 of our NW 6 servers over the weekend.

When we created the shared volumes we set up CIFS, AFP, etc. Whenever

the clustered volumes load I get the following messages:

CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: Server Name [xxx].
CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: Server Comment [xxx].
CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: WorkGroup/Domain Name [].
CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: AttachIPAddress [hex#].
CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: Share ['USERS:\' 'USERS' 0 'USERS'].
CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: Error adding a new share

for all clustered volumes on one server. The other server says that it's share points were successfully added. I looked up
CIFSNDSPutSharePointInfo and it said take the server name out of the share, but there is no server name in it. Any ideas on what may be