Hi everyone,

We are having problems getting NFAP to reinstall after changing the IP

address of the server. The IP address change went smoothly and we
used TID
10067853 to make sure we didn't miss anything. However, deleting theSecurity container to reinstall Cert Server for the new IP address
obliterated the login methods etc used by NFAP. (We used TID 10073335
manually remove NFAP in preparation for reinstallation.)
some NFAP information must still be hidden on the server because the
reinstall failed since it was still looking for the deleted security
objects. Also, running the "CIFS info" command on the console clearly
us the old shares information AFTER NFAP had been manually removed!

Any ideas where I can locate/remove this old information so that I can

successfully reinstall NFAP? I'm wondering if NMAS is the culprit
Does that have to be removed and reinstalled first?

Our setup: NW6SP2, Compaq DL380 server, upgraded to NW6 from NW51SP5
2 months ago.


-Margaret Hastedt
Ocean Drilling Program