I have an NFAU problem somewhat different from others
described in this forum. I installed NFAU on three servers.
On two of them it is working just fine. On the third which,
as luck would have it, is the one I really need to get it
working on immediately, I get the following on the logger

Module TADJST.NLM load status OK

Module NFSSERV.NLM load status OK

Module NDSILIB.NLM is being referenced

You must unload UNIXLIB.NLM before you can unload
You must unload NFSSERV.NLM before you can unload
Root is not mapped to any User. Exiting...

I certainly have a user and group with the proper ID's set
or I assume the two servers that work wouldn't. How do I
determine and fix the problem here? This is nw6sp2 and is
pretty much up-to-date with patches.