NW6 SP2 NFAP installed and configured for Macs.

Works fairly well except that if we do large copies, as in thousands
files, GB's worth of data, (which when an issue of our magazine is
produced is not at all uncommon), it will copy for a while and get
Not the same Mac each time, not the same file each time. I've rebuilt

the desk top until I'm blue in the face, no help there.

NSS volume. What do I test? Mac has not lost connection, if I knew
exactly which files didn't copy, I could just pick right up where I
left off. Too bad with that many files finding out which one is
impossible to do really.

What else can cause the -50 errors? Thing is I've been getting theseunder netware 5.1 using appletalk from Prosoft for ever. Never got it

on 4.x or 5.0. It isn't the protocol because NFAP uses IP. This is a

different server, different segment of the LAN...I'm trapping packetsand see NOTHING that jumps right out.