I have been lurking for a while with similar issues. I am running NW6
and am about to apply afp 1.01q. It is not clear from the TID whether
I also
need to apply wsock6.exe if I am already running SP2. Please advise.


Dan Hudkins
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"Jeffrey D Sessler" <jeff@scrippscollege.edu> wrote in message
> First, apply the current AFP version which is 1.01q.
> The file view setting at the root of a user's folder is actually
> set/modified in the parent folder. Since the user (in NetWare) does

> normally have the rights to modify the parent folder, it is not

> Win2k "breaks" AFP/Security to allow this. The only solution is to

have a
> user store everything starting in a sub-folder of their home folder.

> the user now has rights to the "parent" sub-folder, they can change

> views.
> In order to support the trashcan automatically, you need to install

> current AFP q version. In older versions, you had to load AFP with

> "count" option. The "count" option trades performance for the

ability to
> have a working trashcan.
> Jeff
> "Wolfgang Kries" <w.kries@gmx.net> wrote in message
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> > Hi,
> >
> > we have two problems with macintosh osx (afp connection) and

Netware 6
> > server:
> >
> > - with a windows 2k server every mac user can change the file view

> > (for example list or symbols) and can use special icons, with

> > 6 the settings wasn't saved (only with supervisor rights)
> >
> > - with a windows 2k server every mac user has a network trashcan,

> > netware 6 the files were deleted directly
> >
> > Can anybody help with these problems?
> >
> > Kind regards,
> >
> > Wolfgang Kries