I attended Session TUT115 - Using Mac OSX in a Novell Environment
today and
have some good news.

1. Confirmation of what I had heard that AFP 3.x will bue supported
Nacoma ( NW 6.5 )
2. There will be a SP 1 to eDir 8.7 which will include something
called a
"Universal Password" which you will be able to use to replace both the
AND simple passwords with a single password. The downside is that
your the
hash that is used is 3-DES rather than the PKI style RSA keys the
client usually uses so it will be somewhat less secure and probably
appropriate for financial or healthcare environments. It should make

managing passwords easier for the rest of us though.
3. Related news - Novell bought N-ix, the makers of a Java based
client. Right now its late alpha and they say they dont plan a total
until the next MAJOR revision of GW ( GW 7 ). Currently it accesses
through the webaccess application so your functionality is limited to
you get there, but its better than what we currently have. They also
say the
goal is to first make it access the GW message store directly then
make it the sole cross platform client for Windows, Linux, Mac,
whatever will
run java... I played with it in the lab and boy is it responsive. You
dont notice that its java once its launched.
4. The last message I have is that the presenter at the session sent
message that the only reasons that these changes are being made by
Novell is
due to the constant nagging that Mac users are giving Novell so KEEP
IT. Talk to anyone at Novell who will listen! If you have specific
or want to let Novell know what your Mac needs are you can contact

Hope this is good news for everyone!