Netware 3.1 was server centric.
If I had two servers, server A and server B, when I needed a file offof server A, I would login to that server using a user id and
password. Subsequently if I needed a file off of server B I had to
login to server B even if my user ID and password were the same on
both servers.

Netware 4, 5, and 6 are network centric
I login into the NDS tree and no matter where the file I need residesI can get to it if I had the proper access privileges. No more
multiple logins.

I just upgrade two of my Netware 5.1 servers to Netware 6 and
installed Native File Access. I login to the first server from a
Macintosh just fine. On the first server is an alias (shortcut) to a
file on the second server. When I double click this alias, I get hit
with another login. It appears that under NFA with the Mac we are back

to server centric again and multiple logins.

Is there something I have wrong in my setup? If this is the way it
works under NFA, is Novell going to fix this at some point?

Note - when I have the ProSoft IPX client loaded and access these same

servers using IPX, I can open any file I need with just one login. Any

help would be much appreciated.