NW6SP2 AFPTCP v 1.01.09

I have just recently switched a lab of iMacs ( 9.1.x ) from using the
client to NFA pack. The user involved is a classroom user with no
both simple and NDS pw's are set to this( one login that all students
in a
grade share ). When all 30 members of the class try to log in at the
time, only the first 3 are able to do so, they it triggers an NMAS
lockout. Upon reset, 3 more can get in, etc... My intruder detection

threshold was set at 6 attempts.

There is no limit on concurrent logins and the problem didnt exist
with IPX (
obviously since its an NMAS lockout ). If I disable Intruder
Detection on
their container, all users are able to log in. I havent seen any
TID's or
postings on this forum regarding this issue... Any ideas?