I am installing CIFS on Netware 6, SP2 with edir 8703. I extended the

schema and configured the CIFS in ConsoleOne with server=fs1_w, no
controller and local workgroup authenication.

I created a CIFS.cfg file as I found in one TID.

When I start CIFS, I get the following console message (notice it says

domain authneication):

"FS1:cifsstrtLoading Module GAMS.NLM [NOT
Loading Module SETMD4.NLM [ OK
Loading Module CIFS.NLM [ OK
CIFSNLM: Compile date and time is Jun 20 2002, 08:15:22
CIFSNLM Operating Parameters:
Server - "FS1_W"
Comment - "FS1 Server w/o Windows Client"
Highest Dialect - PC
Authentication - "Domain (passthrough)"
Domain - "BACKUP"
Oplocks - Disabled
Async Read - Disabled
Unicode - Disabled
Share point - "Export All mounted Volumes"
Loading Module CIFSPROX.NLM [ OK
Loading Module NFAP4NRM.NLM"

When i go to the logger screen, I receive the following message about

every 30 seconds:

"CIFS: Unable to connect primary domain controller"

Also, when I try to access the server from a workstation, I get an
message "FS1_W is not accessible. The specified server cannot perform
requested operation.

Any ideas on how to get CIFS connected using workgroup authenication??

John Curran