On NW5.1 with NFAP/SP2 and post SP2 patch, CIFS has been up and
about 2 weeks authenticating to an NT4.0 domain with no problems.
Until today. (an admin at another site was messing with NFAP on his
(same tree) and it works fine... different server, different NT
also, same NDS tree)
I get "The password or user name is invalid for \\servername\share.
the user name for 'servername': and it will not take the
domain\username or
..username.context or any other combination.

I verified (as best I could) the settings and then tried to sniff the
request, expecting that the NW server would pass it along to the PDC.Running a packet capture program on the PDC, not a single packet
showed up
from the NetWare server. Should I have seen anything?

Any ideas would help!