Native File Service Setup
Also, as long as your volumes are NSS, the Mac name space is already
supported. If you are running Novell traditional volumes, you'll need
to add
the Mac name space to each volume you wish to have access to from a


"Fernando" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I just found out that one of the users in the network has OS

> I posted a question regarding this matter in the client for servers,

> somebody suggested I should post this question in this forum.
> Like I mention above there is this user with an Apple computer I He> wants to have access to the network(Netware 6 small businness

> Barry Shnur in the clients forum said:
> "You don't need a client for this, configure NW 6.0 for Native File

> (also make sure the Mac name space is loaded -- I think the defaultinstall
> for SBS 6.0 does the namespace support)."
> I know how to find out if the name space is loaded, However, I don't

> know how to configure the server for Native File Access, or comes
> already configure by default?
> Please help.
> thanks in advance for your help.
> Fernando