I have just installed NFAP and NMAS. I am on NW6SP3. XP users are
getting locked out with NFAP even though they are authenticating
NDS, not CIFS. The error message on the server is:

6-10-2003 8:23:57 am: NMAS-2.54-14
Severity = 1 Locus = 17 Class = 19
NMAS.NLM intruder detection locked user account ndi.Ankeny.BPNA

They do not have simple passwords set, because they have the Novell
client installed and should not be doing any authentication through

If I set their simple password to match their NDS password the problem

goes away.

Please let me know how to stop my XP clients from attempting to get to

resources using CIFS. I do not want to maintain simple passwords for


Pam Kulczyk
Senior Network Tech