We're deciding on the best way to upgrade our users from NW 4.11 to NW
Initially, we were going to create a brand-new Tree, but, now we're
back to
looking at installing the new servers into the existing Tree. One of
things we need to do is to get both our NW 4.11 users and some
users to share some of the same folders.

We're also in an ADS Domain, and all users login to it, as well as the
4.11 users logging into the Tree with the same name and password, so,
use CIFS to allow non-NW users to get access to folders on a server in
NW 6.0 Tree. I was wondering if it'd be possible for the users in the
4.11 Tree to also gain access to the same folders, while not actually

logging in via NW to the new Tree.

I assume I'd have to add both users into the new Tree, but, would
there be
any ramifications that some have the NW Client?