Hello all,

I have NFAP set up on two servers, NW6 and NW5.1SP5...

on the NW5.1SP5 server I have NFAP SP2 installed

NW6 works no problem

NW5.1SP5 does not work, the network browser (on MAC iBook running OSX)

doesn't even show it, but if I "manually" enter the ip address
(afp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) it does find the server and it even recognizes
if I
have enabled the GUEST account (load afptcp guest @ server, yes,
reports that the guest account is found) but I receive:

Login failed

Unknown user, incorrect password, or log on is disabled. Please
retype the
name and password or contact the server's administrator.

this happens no matter what account I try including the guest account
-- all
accounts are in the same context as the server.


I have also tried using a smb logon but that receives a hard error

the nw5.1sp5 server is brand new, just set up for testing and has a
traditional sys volume with mac name space and an nss volume

one more thing, if I try to unload AFPTCP it reports that X
connections are
in use but that no files are open...!

what could be wrong?

both servers and workstation are on the very same ip network, only the
..xxx is different, and I'm even using a hub just in case


thank you,