Greetings and HELP!
I work for a company that does some publishing(hint hint) and we have
having some sever problems on our network.

First let me start out with what we have as far as software versions

On Cluster 1
This is a 3node cluster
I have NetWare 5 Sp5 Cluster Service pack 4
Running native file access SP3 AFPTCP 1.01r
this system also runs in clear text mode as 2-way encrypted has never

On Cluster 2
4 node Netware 6 Cluster
Service Pack 3
AFPTCP version 1.01.18

Now that I have that out of the way, here is the problem
Our users are complaining of the desktop icon flashing and dropping
off the
screen leaving only the volume name on occasion. Sometimes the
flashing/blinking causes them to lose connectivity other times it does
We have done in depth packet captures and not been able to fully
the problem. One thing I can add is that about 1.5 years ago, our
databases were broken, then after a service pack and btrieve update
were fixed. That is when this seems to have started, since then I
tried re-creating the databases from new and still the same problems
here. This problem happens both on my Netware 5.1 cluster (which has
in service now for 3 years) and it happens on my brand new Netware 6
cluster. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Peter G. Tomasi III
Sr. Network Administrator
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia