I try to use Cifs on Novell 6.0 sp3.

I install also cifspt3.exe

After I restart the CIFS on the server It looks O,K,


Loading Module GAMS.NLM

Loading Module SETMD4.NLM

Loading Module CIFS.NLM

CIFSNLM: Compile date and time is Apr 14 2003, 09:39:54

CIFSNLM Operating Parameters:

Server - "NS02_W"

Comment - ""

Authentication - "Domain (passthrough)"

Domain - "RADALL"

Oplocks - Disabled

Async Read - Disabled

Unicode - Disabled

Share point - "ait"

Share point - "mish"

Loading Module CIFSPROX.NLM

Loading Module NFAP4NRM.NLM

But when I try to use


I got a pop up that ask for User name and password and nothing works

The file sys:\etc\cifsctxs.cfg exist and the context written O.K.

What can be the problem?