Hi all!

We are currently running NW5.1 with SP5, DS8.82 and we are wanting to

use NFA. We are running 5 NetWare servers, including 1 across a 128K

ISDN WAN link.

As NFAP has a minimum requirement of NDS/eDir 8.5, we need to to some

upgrading to use it.

What path do you recommend?
As I see it, we have 2 basic options:
(1) stick with NW5.1, upgrade NDS, then install NFAP (and relavant
SP/s), or
(2) upgrade to NW6 (and install relevant SP).

A secondary consideration, though perhaps just as important is ...
eDirectory version shall we go with as 8.6 and 8.7 are also available,

and have been since last year.

Thanks (in advance) for you help/recommendations/suggestions.

Graeme Nelson
Network "chief cook & bottle washer"!