I've got a NW6 tree with 8 NW6SP3 servers. One of the servers cannot
log in
using afp/cifs, the rest are ok.

Using nmasmon i can see that the correct context for my users is
found, but
the following error occurs, preventing log in.

0: MAF_GetAttribute LSM 0x0000000D AID: 24 Tag: PASSWORD HASH
ERROR: -1403 CCS_UnwrapKey:performX

0: MAF_Write LSM 0x0000000D
0: <<ServerPut: message size=8 queue size 0
0: <<ServerPut: message size=2449 queue size 8
0: MAF_End LSM 0x0000000D
0: LSM 0x0000000D failed
0: ERROR: -1642 Login Method
0: ERROR: -1642 CanDo
0: ERROR: -1642 NMAS Manager

Error -1403 appers to be the showstopper. Since it's an 14xx error, it
be related to NICI, but other than that, I'm clueless. Any help is

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