I'm hoping I have this question in the correct forum. I realize it is

more of a Mac question, but there are Netware 6.0 and NFAP portions of
question and I was hoping someone would point me in the correct

My question(s) regards links in PageMaker 7.0 in Mac OS 9 and OS

We recently replaced an Apple server with a Novell 6.0 server. The
server was named "Server Mac's Computer" <note spaces and single quote

mark> and the Netware server is named "MARKETING_FS".

The files were copied from the Apple server to the Novell server.
There were four Mac volumes and the initial copy was to one Novell NSS

volume named VOL1 with a directory for each Mac volume.


Novell volume VOL1: contained subdirectories named MACVOL1, MACVOL2,

At that point, all PageMaker files with links to images had broken
to the images when accessed from the Novell server.

My first thought was that I should have maintained the "volume names"
named the Netware volumes the same as the Mac volumes.

So I decided to do a test. I created a Netware volume with the exact
as one of the Apple volumes and copied the files again to the new
named" Novell volume. The links still do not work.

But, if I put the old Mac server online and mount the volume from theold Mac server, the links are reestablished to the old mac server,
though the PageMaker file was opened from the Novell server.

Here's the NFAP part of my questions. When the Mac volume is mounted,
only see the volume name (MACVOL1)and not the server name when the
volume is diplayed on the desktop. When the Netware volume is
you see the name "MARKETING_FS:MACVOL1".

This makes me think it embeds the server name as part of the
link. But, why does the netware volume display the server's name as
as the volume, and the Mac volume only displays the volume's name ?

Is there a switch to turn the server name display off ?

Do the Pagemaker links contain the server name as part of the link or
Pagemaker confused by the Netware mounted volume also displaying both
server's name and the volume's name ? Would the links work if I
the Novell server with the exact same name as the Apple server and
maintained the volume names and directory paths ?

Renaming the server is not a choice here because the Mac server's name
spaces in it and a Netware 6 NSS volume cannot contain spaces.

So, is there a way to globally repair all the links in the
PageMaker files to point to the correct location on the Novell server

Or, is there a way to fake the Mac OS in to substituting all calls to
old server name to an alias that contains the new server name ?

I think the answer may lie in the need to not display the Netware
name when mounting a Netware volume. If only the volume name was
displayed after a volume mount, then I think it would work.

Any help, ideas, or general direction would be appreciated.