I am running Netware 6 and for the moment have all MacOS 9.2.2
clients. I have password problems:

1. When a Mac user goes to change their password a dialog box says
they cannot do it and to contact their system administrator. We do
load AFP with cleartext so simple passwords should be the same as theNDS password. These same Mac users can login and access network
resources like their home folders with no difficulties.

2. When I make new user accounts I use NWAdmin and give all my new
teachers the same default password. This is the password that they
cannot change. Should I be making accounts with the older NWadmin or
should I stick with ConsoleOne? When I give them a default password am

I setting their NDS password, simple password, or both?

3. I think within ConsoleOne I should have a tab to set simple
passwords and I do not. What snap in can I download off of Novell's
site to gain this tab?