My district has a Netware 6 server that all of our High School
students and faculty log into. Most of the clients are Macs running OS

9.2.2. When a Mac running this operating system has network activity,there is a visual indicator in the upper left hand corner of the
screen. Two black arrows flash on when a folder on the server is
opened, a file is saved or opened, or an application is launched off
the server.

The problem is we are experiencing this network activity when there
should not be any. I can login to the server and then launch Word
which is on the local hard drive. As I am typing my Word document, the

arrows in the upper left hand corner of the screen are flashing off
and on a lot. This stalls my computer for a few seconds everytime it

Our situation on the network side is a little unique. We are a part of

a very large NDS tree that encpompasses 50 school districts. I
administer our part of the tree with a local replica. The top of the
tree is across our WAN link to a remote location. Our WAN link is a T1

line. My one thought is when somebody logs in on a Mac via NFA it is
marching all the way to the top of the tree. After they are logged init continues to generate network traffic because the top of the tree
is on the other side of a slower connection. On campus my LAN is
switched 100 to the desktop with servers and my backbone at gig.

I have sat at the server console when about 120 connections are open
and the utilization jumps from about 20% to 100% staying above 50%
most of the time. My server is a PIII, 700MHz with one processor.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW - Windows clients do

not see any of this slowness, at least they have not complained.