I am "ready"(This is the first time I am going to do this) to install
Macintosh client in a Netware 6.0 Small business Suite.
I went over the documentation about this and a there is this paragraph

about renaming volumes, this is the text:

"Renaming Volumes
Volumes can be renamed so that they appear in Chooser under a
1. Using any text editor, create a file named AFPVOL.CFG.
2. On separate lines, enter the current name of the volume
in quotes, the new name of the volume. For example:
server1.sys "System Volume"
server1.img "Graphics"
#The above volume contains image files.
NOTE: The pound sign (#) marks a line as a comment.
3. Save the file in the SYS:\ETC directory of the server
running Novell Native File Access Protocols.

Once the volume has been renamed, it keeps the name even if you

delete the file and restart the server. To return to the previous
repeat these steps and rename the volume to its original name.
For example:
System volume "server1.sys".
4. Unload and reload the AFPTCP.NLM program.

Volumes will appear to Macintosh users with the new volume names."

Is this step something I MUST do? Is there a reason for renaming
for macintosh users?.
Please help.