I have a problem with Native File Access and the Mac that I have beentrying to solve for almost 2 weeks. I am running NW6 with SP3 and
version 101r of afptcp.nlm. My server is a single Pentium III runningat 700MHz, 1.3GB RAM, and Raid 5 with plenty of free drive space on my

data volume. My server is running gig ethernet with 100Mb switched tothe desktop. I have three other Netware 6 servers that are
experiencing the same problem. I am focusing all of my efforts on onein order to solve the problem.

Today we had no school so I had no teachers or students logging into
this server and was able to easily reproduce the problem. Across the
hall from my server closet I have a Mac lab with about 20 machines all

running MacOS 9.2.2. At the server console the utilization was running

at 1% with nobody logged in. I logged in on 10 of the Macs and openeda file from the server on each of them. I opened small excel, word, or

jpeg files on each Mac. I returned to the server closet and watched
the utilization hovering between 20 and 100%. I was only logged in onthe Macs while this was happening, I was not initiating activity
(opening or saving) that should generate network activity.

In the upper left hand corner of the Mac screen, small black arrows
were flashing on and off indicating network activity. These black
arrows were off for a few seconds and then would flash like made for a

few seconds. While they were flashing the servers volume icon mountedon the desktop was flashing. If I sat down and attempted to use one of

these Macs, they were very slow and at times seemed frozen. As soon as

I logged of the server from the 10 Macs I was on, server utilization
returned to 1%. When the Macs were logged in I noticed that the lights

on the hard drives on my server were flashing on and off constantly
indicating heavy disk usage.

I have scoured this newsgroup for the past few days and started a
thread about a week ago looking for answers. From my digging I found
that Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) checks the available free space on
the server every 10 seconds or so from the client. This is what caused

the blinking icon but should not impact network performance like I amseeing it.

From the postings I have read there are two other potential fixes forthis problem:

1. Convert my traditional volumes to NSS. The other school district in

my area that runs NW6 and has Mac clients has only NSS volumes on
their servers and seem to run fine.

2. Change over to MacOSX. This is unrealistic for me. If only 10 Macsunder OS9 cause the server to be brought to its knees, I would have to

convert all my Macs to OSX. I have over 500 Macs on campus. Given theconstraint of time as well as the fact that some of my Macs are olderand will not run X well, this is not an option.

I do believe this problem can be fixed and this behavior is not normal

for AFP. Why do I believe this:

1. Even though, according to newsgroup postings, there are several
other people who have experienced this same slowdown/heavy network
traffic with Macs and NFA, there are others who have a very similar
setup and everything runs fine.
2. I have run servers with AFP many times. I currently have a Snap
server that runs AFP over IP and I have run AppleShare servers in thepast. None of these servers experienced what I see with these Netware6 servers running AFP.
3. I cannot imagine that Novell would release a product that this is
how it normally operates.

Given all this, any suggestions?