We have staff here that use both Mac's and PC's to create multimedia
files that will run on both platforms. They will frequently create
file on a Mac, edit them with the PC and then burn them to CD.

The files appear to be losing their creator type (stored I believe inthe resource fork) after the PC get's hold of them...but *only* for
files stored on the server. If I repeat the process of creating with
mac and editing with a pc, but work strictly off a floppy, I have no
problem with the file retaining all it's information including creator

type. This happens to all files: PDF's, Smil, .ram, .doc. even basictext files.

The problem is that macs can no longer recognize and open these files.

There are extensions that can be put into the macs to compensate to
degree but that won't work for every circumstance.

I can understand how a PC would mess up a resource fork...it doesn't
know what a resource fork is really. But, why wouldn't this be
universal? If it is the PC doing the stripping of the information,
shouldn't it be doing that no matter where the data is stored?
it seems to only be happening to files on the server.