Hi All,

Working through the upgrade to NW 6 course and am trying to get CIFS
work. Have NW6 sp3 on the server, W2K sp3 + patches on the client.
client for MS networks is installed and the first provider.

Entered a simple password for the user (same as NDS password.)

In Network Neighborhood->My Network Places->Entire Network->MS Windows

Network, "Testbed" shows up. The only place I can find "Testbed" is
my DNS server, testbed.domain.com.

The SYS:\ETC\CIFS.CFG file and Console One did not agree initially,
now they are both showing the server name as TEST2_CIFS (originally
missing in ConsoleOne), authentication method: Local, workgroup name:

WORKGROUP. No WINS server, Unicode and OpLocks not checked.

NMAS.NLM and LSMCIFS.NLM are both running on server.

Ran LOAD NMASMON * sys:\public\nmas.txt trunc and get nothing other
the initial header info.

cifsstop and cifsstrt do not make a difference.

Any help is appreciated.