NW 5.0 SP6a server was migrated (with Migration Wizard) to NW6SP3
server. Migration went fine.

Now we are starting to implement NFA/CIFS for couple of Windows
that don't have Novell Client installed.

We configured the NW server to be in workgroup mode and then tried toset the first simple password.

a) C1 gives error:
Error saving the simple password for Harri.CitiusNet. to the
The returned error code is -1 460

b) Remote Manager's error:
Unable to set password for .Harri.CitiusNet.Corp.
NMAS error = -1460

Searching TIDs and forums lead me to check whether
sys:system\nici\NICISDI.KEY file exists - it does not. So I think this

is causing the error.

How can I create the NICISDI.KEY file? Some tids & forums notes got me

to believe that it would be automatically created, but it doesn't.

Server is running NICI242 (128bit) and PKIDIAG shows no errors (all 6steps succeeded).

Any tips would be greatly appriciated!