Just performed an upgrade from NW 6.0sp3 to NW 6.5. The main reason
was to
get AFP 3.0 protocol for my OS X machines.

I am running a mix of locally booted and NetBooted OS X 10.2.8
which all authenticate to NDS through LDAP, then mount their home
off the network. This worked successfully in NW 6 except for the long

filename issues that are associated with AFP 2.x ( couldnt launch
some temp and pref files couldnt be written, etc... )

With 6.5 I definitley gained the AFP benefits however I am seeing some
strange side effects.

1. Microsoft Office X apps crash often and spontaneously change
content ( formatting, font, etc.. ) for no apparent reason. Seems to
when saving or autosaving.

2. AppleWorks 6.2.7 saves only zero byte files which, obviously, can
not be

3. MacSchool reports that it can not establish "file range locking"
which is
only available when file sharing is enabled.

4. File corruption of various types.

I have turned on AFPTCP with cleartext and was going to try to
manually set
the threads as suggested in other threads for afp2.x versions ( havent
what the default thread count is in 6.5 ) But other than that I'm not
what is up. The server is a Dual Athlon MP 2000 with a Mylex
2000 and 3 Gig of RAM.

Thanks in advance.