I am digging my way into Linux and need to get a SuSE box (8.2)
to a NetWare 6 server. The server has SP2 on it. The workstation
accesses the network cable and the outside world with no problem. I
a line in the hosts file on the workstation defining the server
( hilt6).

I have run NFSSTART on the server and setup an export of vol1. I have
nfsexprt file in the etc directory on the server and it specifies:
/VOL1 0 1 512 0 (the volume being exported is an NSS)

I also have an nfsthost file in the etc directory and it specifies:
/vol1 * 3 1
/vol1 * 2 1
/vol1 * 1 1
I have also tried this with my Linux workstation name in place of the
and also with my Linux workstation login id of root and get the same response

mount: HILT6:/VOL1: failed reason given by server: permission denied

I know I am close - advice please.

The user I am trying to connect as (root) has been created in NDS and
equivalent to the network admin. This user and the server are both in
same context.