I've got an exsiting Netware 6 server without Native File Access. I'm
to add another Netware 6 server to the tree and setup Native File
Access on
it at the same time.

The first server is Netware 6 without any service packs. I'm
installing the
new server using the NW6SP3 overlay CD. It installs fine and I have no

problem accessing it with 4.9 Client on Win 2K pro. I am able to
Native File Access for Windows with out any errors. I've installed it
during server setup (once as express and once as custom) and once
after a
fresh install without NFA at all. It seems to run fine (no error
and I can see the server in the workgroup, but I can't log into the

I've got it configured in workgroup mode, I've got the correct
listed, and I've added the simple passwords to the users. Still no

Can any one help me? Or at least point me in the right direction? I
like to know if I can find any error messages from the failed login
attempts, that might give me some clue.

TIA (I don't want to go bald before I have to)