I've had AFPTCP working well for quite sometime. We've been migratingservices to NW65, and I have been doing some experiments with my
personal OSX workstation (Panther 10.3.1). I decided to see if I still

needed cleartext logins, so I used the Connect to Server option in the

Finder, and entered a server IP (afp://xx.yy.zz.aa). In the login boxthat appeared, I went into Options and turned off the ClearText
I closed Options and tried to log on. The login failed. OK, no
probably have an issue with the NDS password and Simple password being

out of sync. Closed the login window and went to an OS9 workstation,
and I was able to log in fine (clear text option selected at that
workstation). So, apparently there is no sync issue. I thought I'd try

to log on again, but reset the clear text option. Came back to my
Panther workstation, did a Connect to server, used exactly the same
This time, instead of the usual login window, I got a small window
indicated "Cannot connect to server because the name or password is
incorrect" with a "Try again" or cancel button. Hit "Try again", and
the dialog repeats. There is no opportunity to enter a different
username or password.

I thought it might be a keychain issue, so I deleted all keychains
associated with this particular server, but that has had no affect. Iget the same message now no matter what server I try to contact.

The strange thing is, I *can* connect if I browse through our SLP
services. Once I dig down to the appropriate server through SLP, I get

a very different login box. If I enter my fully-distinguished user
and password, I connect successfully.

There must be a plist setting someplace that is retaining a login name

and password for afp servers, but I've been unable to locate it. Doesanyone have other suggestions of things I can try? Basically, I'd like

it to work as it used to (use connect to server, enter afp://IP
address, and have a standard login sequence). Since I can access the
servers through the SLP, this is not a critical issue, but I'd like to

fix it. Thanks.

--> John

John Endahl, District Network Administrator
Williamston Community Schools

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