I'm a Novell admin at a high school who got a Sun Sparc server dropped
his lap. Yay, new purple server.
One problem though, I've got some Linux training & experience, but

What I really need is advice - perhaps even a Novell-authored Lab
Guide - to
help me figure out how to integrate this server (which will run about
50 Sun
Ray thin clients) into a NetWare 6 environment. Help from Novell
Support is too expensive.

We've purchased Novell Account Management 3, which should handle our
authentication nicely (once I figure it out), but even at that point,
do I do for accessing files and printers on the NetWare servers?

I've got NFA for Unix working nicely on an exported share on a NetWare

server. But every user has read/write access to that folder, and that
won't do for home directories. Should I learn about and configure NIS
well? Or do I set user permissions on home directory mount points on
Solaris server? Are there webpages that specifically show how to
NetWare home directories to Solaris?

Last question: Should I configure network printers on the Solaris
based on IP printing, or is there a way to export NetWare queue-basedprinting? (Yeah, we probably should move on to NDPS, but my superior
trouble with it in the past with our aging LaserJets.)

Sorry if this is a huge case of RTFM, but there is so much
documentation out
there on the many facets of this situation that it is sometimes
when I need to find specific information. I just need some advice
maybe some hyperlinks) to point me in the right direction.

Armand Lowe
Swan Valley School Division