My fresh install of Netware 6.5 has stopped reading the CIFS
configuration from the NDS. It did read the NDS for several weeks but

stopped after I tried to change it to "Domain Authentication". When
trying to import the users with Imanager it errored out and then
reading the NDS.

Heres the config. NW 6.5 with cluster services (2 nodes). The second

reads the NDS just fine.

When I load cisfsstrt it says "reading from sys:etc\cifs.cfg"

In console1 everything looks good. The extention is there and the tab
there. I can modify the settings in C1 but the server doesn't read
them. I can change the settings in imanager with the same results. I

tried removing/reinstalling the extention and the CIFS schema. If I
delete the config file then is says "using default config".

Any ideas. Tried TID10073696 and TID10068443.