I currently have five Netware 6 servers with NFA for the Mac loaded.
On the desktop of all of our MacOS 9.2.2 clients we have placed a
shortcut to the Users folder found on one of these Netware servers. As

soon as somebody double clicks on this shortcut, the login dialog boxappears.

We want to rollout MacOSX over the next few months. I want the OSX
client machines when they startup to go direclty to a login screen
where users type in their name and password. Authentication against
eDirectory will get them access to their home directories on the

I plan on upgrading my servers to Netware 6.5 in order to gain Apple
Filing Protocol 3 support. I have two questions:

1. Do I also need to load NFA for Unix on my servers in order for a
MacOS X client to authenticate against eDirectory?
2. Do I need to have NSS volumes on my server? I thought I read
somewhere that NSS volumes are needed to support AFP3. Right now the
SYS and data volumes on all 5 of my servers are traditional volumes?