I'm writing to see if anyone else has experienced my problem and
possibly has a suggestion as to the solution.

I have a NW6.5 cluster, a W2Kpro workstation (no Novell client) and aSuse 9.0 pro workstation.

With CIFS running on the 6.5 server, I can connect, authenticate, andbrowse the volume shares with my W2K pro workstation.

If I try to connect with Linux using CIFS (smb), it takes a long timeto connect and offer me an authentication dialogue (10-15 minutes or

Once I authenticate the server will abend with a CIFS error. (I'm
using the default Suse desktop and Konquoer to connect)

This behavior has been consistent on the two occasions that I've tried

this. Obviously with an abend I don't want to do a large number of

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.