I am having occasional problems accessing this group because of
at the remote end to the IP number used. This does not matter for my

NewsReader, but our IT people have a firewall block set up based on an

IP number and this number seems to change at the Novell end - about
three times in last year or so.

The IT group assure me that they cannot use a DNS name for the
so the IP address must be manipulated whenever the IP number changes.
Earlier today the address in our firewall with access allowed was This address has worked for maybe a month or two but did

not work today.

If we do an address lookup on it returns

But if we do a lookup on support-forums.novell.com
it returns

I gather that the firewall has now been set to and my news

stream seems to be working again.

Can any of the gurus there help me or our IT people to maintain this service.

Cheers and thanks

PS I use:

novell.support.collaboration.groupwise6.clients, and
novell.support.collaboration.groupwise.messenger through
support-forums.novell.com on a Mac G4 733 under
OS 9.2.2 with MTNewswatcher.

Note abbreviate my country name to nz in address above

Bob Jordan
Priv. Bag 3123
Hamilton New Zealand
Ph +64 7 858 4748