We are experiencing odd behaviour from NFAP/CIFS service. The server
running NW6SP3 with cifspt3b.exe (TID 2967017).

We can connect to CIFS Sharepoints just fine but when issues a searchcommand like DIR /S, the CIFS volume does not find files. Example:

NetWare server: SRV1
- volume: APPS
- share name "apps" points to volume APPS:\

N: drive is mapped to SRV1\APPS:
M: drive is mapped (net use) to \\SRV1WIN\APPS

Issuing DIR filename.ext /S in drive N: find the file from
subdirectories just fine.
Issuing DIR filename.ext /S in drive M: does not the files from
subdirs. When manually navigating to corresponding subdir the DIR
filename.ext command works.

Is this a known CIFS issue?

Another CIFS problem that we are experiencing is that applications
(.exe files) are not loaded correctly from CIFS mounted volume. When
starting application from M: drive (net use connection to NFAP/CIFS
share point) we receive error message: "application failed to
initiliaze properly (0x000000f)". The same apps loads just fine from
drive (Novell Client connection).

Any tips are greatly appreciated,

Regards, Harri