I bought NFA for Unix about 6 months ago for a 5.1 server but am onlyinstalling it now (a long story!), so that the Netware would be
visible to a
RedHat 9 box. The server was patched with the latest SP two months

I mis-read the NDS requirement of version 85, I thought it was a typo
should have been 8.5 (which is what I have, I think), so the
(correctly) did not proceed. I looked up the "NDS" patches/versions,
and I
don't know what is going on:

1) Is eDirectory just a new name for later versions of NDS? Is NDS 85
funnily numbered intermediate version, or some separate product

2) My NFA installation instructions appear to require NDS 85, and no
or newer version will do (but the instructions appear to be dated as
Is that still true, or should I install some NDS 8.X version or some
eDirectory version at this time?

Sorry about this, any help would be very much appreciated. Santa
Claus wont
be giving me a 6.X Netware server until mid-next year :-(

Ciaran Costelloe