Word version 10.1.4, Mac OSx (unsure of revision..checking on that), Netware 6 SP3 applied. Traditional volumes, using NFAP for afp for

User opens a word file on the server, makes changes, saves back to
server. Receives error "word failed reading from file filename".
cancels out of error. The file now displayed on the word window is
completely trashed, pieces of it are missing weird stuff stuck into

If the user will close word at this point without trying to resave the

file, then s/he can reopen word and the file and it is
that it has indeed saved the changes even though it errored out.

We can get around the problem by just saving files to the local drive

and not the server. We also do not see the problem using word 98 on
OS version 9. It doesn't matter if we have revision markings on or
we still get the problem.

I've seen a few similar posts that point to TIDS that basically say
Engineering is working on it. I also saw a post earlier that implied
patch that was made available made the problem worse.

Anyone have any ideas on this?